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About KVCF

Our Philosophy

We believe that everything we do for our clients should be focused on ensuring their business is protected from all sides and that law is being used to drive their success. We also believe that results are the most important indicator of a client’s success. We focus on how we can meet every client’s goals and objectives while keeping costs low and shielding a client’s business from potential problems. We also believe that our clients are individuals, not entities. Every client is unique and our legal solutions are customized to address every client’s unique goals for their business.

How We Are Different

Our firm handles everything from routine legal matters to complex, large-scale work while maintaining personalized service for our clients. Practicing in a wide range of specialties, including business law, REIT’s, DSTs, Regulation A, higher education and business litigation, our team understands our clients’ legal matters quickly and acts quickly. We are entrepreneurial, not rigid. We bring the deep experience found at larger firms, but also focus on relationship building and cost efficiency all while easily adjusting to the constantly changing business world.

We are committed to being flexible when our clients need us to be. This means offering alternative fee structures to help our clients manage their legal costs. We are proud that we aren’t a traditional law firm. Our clients have come to expect the highest level of creativity, versatility, and expertise from us. And we constantly exceed their expectations.

Our History

In 2005, KVCF was founded to create a unique type of law firm that, unlike very large firms, was not rigidly structured and expensive. It needed to be a resource that could be accessed by businesses of all sizes, with professionals who have extensive experience in sophisticated representation. One that is able to quickly adapt to clients’ needs. And one that focuses on results, not standard operating procedure.

Over the past decade, the firm has grown to represent clients across the country. KVCF has become a leader in specialized areas of practice, such as REIT’s, DSTs, and Regulation A. As the firm has expanded, we have maintained a commitment to stay small, agile, but staffed with the best legal team that can be assembled.