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Copyright Ownership

Businesses are constantly creating. Knowing how you acquire the rights to creative content, and how you protect those rights, is vital to any business. If you are in the business of creating copyrightable works you need to understand how to protect your intellectual...

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An Overview on Retirement Plan Options

Retirement planning is essential given the ever-increasing life expectancy in the United States. Unfortunately, many Americans fail to save adequate amounts to make it through retirement. Often, individuals believe that they will be fine on Social Security. However,...

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Four Common Will Contests

A will contest or will challenge questions whether the will is valid or whether specific terms are really what the testator intended. In some will contests, the entire will could be determined invalid. In other situations, only portions of the will may be disregarded....

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Young and Ill Without Advance Directives

When you are a child, your parents serve as your decision makers. They have ultimate say in where you go to school, what extracurricular activities you partake in and where, and how, you should be treated in the event of a medical emergency. While most parents...

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