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Private Equity and Capital Formation Law Firm

Working with KVCF, PLC means engaging with a firm that fully understands the private equity sector and whose decades of combined experience give it the capability of handling extremely complex transactions.

KVCF’s capital formation attorneys have extensive experience representing private equity and institutional investors, as well as companies seeking capital from them, including angel and growth-stage investments, private and public company transactions, and private equity-related M&A.

And because our firm is right-sized and has deep experience and market sophistication, we are able to assist private equity clients with capital formation strategies that may be under the radar or cost-prohibitive for larger, global law firms. Our team has the flexibility and capability to deliver on large transactions and to work on smaller cap deals — and to do so without the pricing one might experience with larger firms.

In a fast-changing global marketplace, we offer the kind of advice designed to smooth out potential problems in transactions and maximize investment returns. One of the keys is our flexibility. Our cross-practice approach allows us to provide the right advice across a variety of disciplines, and our broad-ranging experience across the investment lifecycle gives private equity and institutional investors, and companies seeking their investment alike, confidence no matter which stage of the investment lifecycle they face

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