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Government Relations Consulting

The aim of KVCF Solutions is to solve the age-old issue of how to make government work for your business or organization.

KVCF Solutions’ government relations services are built upon long-standing relationships with decision-makers at the state and local level while maintaining a reputation for trust, honesty, responsiveness and hard work. We have more than five decades of experience working alongside the Virginia General Assembly, state agencies, regulatory bodies, and local governing bodies.

We are also adept at solving your governmental issues by working offensively to affect change in legislation or regulations, or defensively to make sure proposed legislation or regulations are defeated or ameliorated. Some of our government relations services include:

  • Monitoring Legislation
  • Drafting Legislation
  • Lobbying for or against Legislation
  • Regulatory Rulemaking
  • State Appropriations and Budget Matters
  • Local Government Issues
  • Procurement and Contracting
  • Public Private Partnerships

For more information regarding consulting services in government relations and economic development, please visit KVCF Solutions, LLC.

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