Williams Mullen has been Finding Yes® for our clients for more than a century.  

Our firm began in 1909 when two Richmond, Va. attorneys -- Lewis C. Williams and James Mullen -- realized that changes in business and individual finance laws would generate the need for cutting-edge legal services. Betting that their legal experience would benefit the Richmond business community, they formed the law firm of Williams & Mullen. Mr. Williams and Mr. Mullen were forward-thinking about the needs of their clients, an attribute that remains a cornerstone of the firm that bears their names. 

When Congress adopted the federal income tax in 1913, our founders' instincts were proved correct. Their extensive knowledge of the new tax code was invaluable to business owners, and their services were quickly in demand. This was the beginning of helping clients Find Yes.

In the years since Mr. Williams and Mr. Mullen came together in 1909, our firm has grown through a number of strategic mergers. From one office in Richmond, Va., we’ve become an AmLaw 200 law firm with offices across North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Under the leadership of president & CEO Woody Fowler, we continue to expand and increase the scope and depth of the firm’s lawyers and practice areas. We can’t wait to see what the next century brings.