In the inaugural episode of HIPAA Tips With Williams Mullen, health care attorneys Rebecca Ivey and Nathan Kottkamp describe major HIPAA exceptions and what employers can do with COVID health information. They also discuss how information that was not previously Protected Health Information (PHI) can become PHI.

In this five-part video series on mezzanine lending, corporate attorneys Bob Dewar and Randal Greene give an overview of mezzanine lending, share insights into how the proceeds of mezzanine loans are used, and explain the benefits and challenges of mezzanine loans to the parties involved in them.

The Strategies for Senior Care video series explores how owners, administrators, and directors of assisted living facilities (ALFs), skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), and continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) can prepare for and contend with resident, family, survey, and licensure issues that can quickly turn into time-consuming and costly crises.

In our What to Do if Your Suppliers Are in Distress video series, we describe how to identify your critical suppliers that might be in jeopardy, provide suggestions on how you can help them, and share how you can protect your business’s interests at the same time.

Williams Mullen Manufacturing Edge, a video series addressing key topics affecting manufacturers.