01.08.2024 25 Williams Mullen Attorneys Named to CoVa Biz Magazine’s “Top Lawyers” of Coastal Virginia 2024
Williams Mullen is pleased to announce that 25 attorneys have been named to CoVa Biz Magazine’s eighth-annual list of who they deem are the top lawyers in coastal Virginia. Listed by category, the following attorneys have been selected:
  • George H. Bowles - Commercial Litigation 
  • David C. Burton - Labor and Employment 
  • Elizabeth S. Chapman - Real Estate 
  • Benjamin C. Crumpler - Business Law
  • Alyssa Carducci Dangler - Real Estate 
  • Anne E. Domozick - Corporate Finance Mergers and Acquisitions 
  • John F. Faber, Jr. - Banking and Financial 
  • Thomas R. Frantz - Tax Law
  • Howard E. Gordon - Real Estate 
  • Patrick R. Hanes - Appellate Law
  • Jefferson C. Hunt - Wills Trust and Estates
  • Megan J. Kalantar - Corporate Finance Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Monroe “Mike” Kelly - Banking and Financial 
  • Yiorgos L. Koliopoulos - Labor and Employment
  • Joseph R. Mayes - Bankruptcy and Workout
  • Scott C. Miller - Commercial Litigation
  • Craig L. Mytelka - Intellectual Property Rights 
  • William L. Nusbaum - Real Estate 
  • Grady A. Palmer - Land Use Environment 
  • John M. Paris, Jr. - Securities Law 
  • Christine N. Piersall - Wills Trust and Estates
  • Cartwright R. Reilly - Banking and Financial / Real Estate  
  • Stephen R. Romine - Land Use Environment 
  • Tyler J. Rosa - Real Estate
  • Julia A. Rust - Business Law
CoVa Biz Magazine’s “Top Lawyers” list is a compilation of peer-to-peer selections from licensed lawyers throughout coastal Virginia’s legal community. To view the full list, click here